Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pearl of the Persian Gulf - Qatar

The Middle East region is the epicenter struggle of a number of world states for control over Middle Eastern oil, because the Gulf is the largest in the world place deposits for crude oil.

Pearl of the Persian Gulf - such a definition, enjoyed the small state of Qatar, as it represents enormous opportunities to meet the needs of all categories of tourists.

Qatar - one of those countries that are difficult to immediately find on the world map. Surprisingly, prior to the beginning of XX century, most European travelers do not even imply the existence of this tiny peninsula.
In 1989, the Qatari government opened its borders to foreigners, by authorizing the immigration authorities the issuance of tourist visas.

Qatar today - is a dynamically developing country. But since it is still not very popular, the prices here with the same quality of service are significantly low. There are no visa restrictions for unmarried girls under age 30 in Qatar. The country is absolutely safe, late at night you can calmly walk down the streets.

Best time to relax in Qatar - is September-January and March-May. Excellent hotels and sandy beaches are waiting for you. Many beaches have the swimming pools interconnected and equipped with water slides. Persian Gulf is considered a excellent place for diving. One of the most popular entertainments offered to tourists in Qatar - the safari. In contrast to the UAE, this safari is more extreme and recalls the roller-coaster ride. After racing tourists are awaited for a barbecue on the Persian Gulf beach under the curtain of the picturesque tent.

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