Monday, September 3, 2012

Jerusalem. Rockefeller Museum.

In 1930, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., gave the money to build the Archaeological Museum in Jerusalem. Since then, the museum and named after him.

Austin Harrison - the architect commissioned to design the museum. Located across from the Old City walls and built of massive limestone blocks museum building more and more resembles a fortress.

The view from the porch of the museum

Museum driven by a Board of Trustees. In 1948, the division of Jerusalem, he was on  occupied  Jordanian territory. But continued to work as usual. Until 1966 - when King Hussein nationalized it. In 1967, the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli war. Israelis knocked Jordanians from Jerusalem and the West Bank. During the fighting in the tower housed the Israeli observation post. Since then the building is decorated with many marks of bullets. Now the museum is run by the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Israel Museum.

It is a native design turnstile the 30s. In working order.

In a large  introductory hall exposition dedicated to the creation of the museum and its history. Here, the layout of the complex made ​​by the architect and his death mask.

Rooms are on the perimeter and are called the cardinal. At the corners are octagonal domed tower - they also placed artifacts. Within the perimeter of the pool and courtyard with fountains. Round - arched gallery, under the arches of which are also available any antiquity.

Opposite the main tower - vaulted hall, lined on the inside with ceramic tiles. Also with a fountain.

Roman sarcophagus

Fountain with drinking water in the hallway.

Halls of the museum.

In the halls there is no air conditioning. But the thick walls keep cool even in the strongest heat give a feeling of comfort. You can go to the patio and listening to the murmur of the fountain, sit in the shade by the pool.

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