Friday, May 3, 2013

The palaces of Jericho

The plate with the site plan of the Ministry of Tourism Palestinian Authority.

Attempt of reconstruction palace of Herod the the Great.

The ruins of a huge gazebo, above which stands the modern squatter.

Once upon a time it looked like this.

A terrace is located at the foot of the garden gazebo.

And here is the palace.

In ancient times, it looked like this.

All the palaces of Herod the most important facilities were baths

A few hundred meters to the left of the palace of Herod was another palace complex.

That's palace looked like initially.

There was a main hall is lined with a decorative stone tile floor.

And there was another room. In these lay-poster stone slabs under which circulates the hot air.

Ancient mosaic floors.

The pool, which by order of Herod, as if, by accident, drowned his wife's brother - the last of the Hasmonean

Such was the palace of the last decades before the onset of a new era. These two pools. Herod ordered to partially dismantle the bridge between them - and we've got a big reservoir.

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