Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jerusalem - is one of the most unique cities in the world...

The Jewish word "the Jerusalem" means "place of peace", the Arabic name of the city "Al Quds" is translated as "holiness" - the city is the most sacred city on earth for the three great religions of the world: for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Tourists tend to Jerusalem because of the world's religions: the Western Wall, the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher, Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque: famous historic sites and colorful bustling bazaar - everything is right in the Old City (formerly East Jerusalem). In the part of the city, which formerly was called West Jerusalem, all the attractions appeared after the establishment of Israel: the Knesset, Israel Museum, Yad Vashem, the Hadassah Hospital. To the east of the Old City is the ancient Mount of Olives Jewish cemetery, it is better to go through the Garden of Gethsemane.

Wailing Wall or Kotel Ha-Maaravi (Western Wall) is the remains of Herodian structures strengthen the Temple Mount in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Wall 15-meter height above ground and below ground - is 7 m, the upper part is composed, apparently, in later periods of the Crusaders and later. The wall was built of huge blocks without any cement, and stones were very precisely adjusted to each other.

The wall was built by Herod without permission of Rome. Herod, being subservient to the Roman emperors, was obliged to seek permission for such construction, especially after the emperor Octavian Augustus desired to put in the Jerusalem Temple's own statue, which was avoided only with great difficulty. Herod went to the following trick: he sent a messenger to Rome for permission, and meanwhile, began construction. While the messenger reached the city, yet had an audience with the emperor, much time has passed, and the reconstruction was completed. In a response letter to the Emperor, it was stated that: "If you began to build, it is not operational. If you started - destroy it. If finished - leave everything as it is. "

At the southern corner of the wall - later (Crusaders) hole for tying up horses. Partially preserved aqueduct, carved in stone. Prophet Jeremiah predicted that the Temple would be destroyed, but the Western Wall will remain for centuries, so the Wailing Wall, though is not exactly a wall of the Temple, but was closest to her, and is considered sacred Jewish people. Received its name because it is the Jews mourn the First and Second Temples, destroyed both in one day - 9 th of Av in different years. In the area of the Kotel many excavations, and continuing today - Ophelia and the Hasmonean Tunnel. Kotel released June 7, 1967 There is a modern tradition of stuffing between the stone walls of paper with references to the Almighty, it is believed that these requests come to it quickly.

Jerusalem - is one of the most unique cities in the world, UNESCO heritage city. Just imagine the streets of this city where Jesus went on! Even for people who believe, rather superficially, these words mean a lot. Shrine of 3 religions, Jerusalem today is astounding, and tours in Jerusalem is always in demand. Who is buying tours to Jerusalem? Ordinary people, tired of life, and seeking answers to their questions. A curious young people, trying to understand the precepts of antiquity and even for a moment closer to this culture. Married couples, who grant a trip to each other on the anniversary of the wedding.

It seems that Jerusalem - is really a city where dreams can come true. Everything here is unusual and fabulous. Trip to Jerusalem - a visit to the Old World. This is an opportunity to see old churches, magnificent architectural ensembles, live next to the ancient buildings, which are located close to hotels in Jerusalem. Hotels in Jerusalem deserve separate praise. Nowhere will you find such respect for the guests, such unexpected elegant architecture and such a great morning coffee. The best hotels in Jerusalem, located near the popular sightseeing places, and ordering tours in Jerusalem, you can pre-negotiate the most convenient location. If you want to get into the best hotels in Jerusalem, it is wise to book rooms in advance.

Wise and generous Jerusalem skillfully combines traditional values and mores of our time. Your fabulous trip to Jerusalem certainly spill into an exotic, which are matched only by the European week of sales. Here you can find everything your heart desires: and stylish jeans, and scarves handmade, and ecclesiastical objects, and skilled gold ornaments. Ask your guide to what area of the city you'd better to go shopping and where to buy the most interesting souvenirs.

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