Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sheikh Mohammed

The governor of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed used to go round their possessions behind the wheel without the security. Sometimes he walks into a cafe, where he is welcomed by his homagers. Why without security? "Why should he be afraid - everybody loves him," - explain the locals. Try to understand, why the Arabs have such a reverence to the monarchy, but their country have 7 - one for each of the emirates, which in early 1970 after gaining independence from Great Britain decided to create a new state. The most influential - are the rulers of Abu Dhabi (part-time president of the country) and Dubai (part-time prime minister).

Of course, the sheikhs were lucky: the indigenous population is small, and the territory of the country compared with neighboring Oman and Saudi Arabia appears to be relatively small - 82.9 000. kilometers. Thus, if we consider only the citizens, the UAE fall into the category of the richest countries in the world. This free education (including higher), huge salaries for civil servants, the Arabs, the villa as a gift to a young family and love, shown to the governor in a cafe, where guest workers do not go.

Colossal social stratification makes the UAE to set stringent barriers for foreigners who wish to become citizens. The French experience has shown that citizenship should not simply provide, otherwise sooner or deter but migrants or their children will find themselves in the country hosts. Arabs do not need it. But migrant workers second-class existence in the UAE does not bother: the homeland is still worse. And in the UAE can be tolerable earn - the benefit of working hands like hot cakes.

9 months and escrow accounts. In 4 years Dubai is hardly recognizable - whole new areas have grown since then. What is the secret of this speed? Traditionally, the Arabs believed that the house should be built for no longer than a woman bears a child. That is 9 months. Rule works and now - with the exception for particularly complex projects such as skyscrapers.

Simply building boom is unlikely to have made Dubai so attractive place. So, on that bet the local sheikhs - and partly by their colleagues from wealthier Abu Dhabi - can be called "economies in surprise." Absolute uniqueness of major projects - is not only a traditional Arab desire to put the wealth of show. It is also investments which typically pay for themselves directly. Yes, and will provide marketing effect for many decades.

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