Thursday, March 4, 2010

Belly dance has many roots...

Long before our time, the Egyptians invented such a wonderful art form as a belly dance. It is believed that this dance is traditional for the Middle East. Many people believe that belly dance is merely erotic in nature, but this view is incorrect. Belly Dance in the Middle East is a symbol of love and respect for the person to whom it is intended. The beauty of dance and striking beauty is visible even to those who have a misconception about this form of art.

Images of dancing people can be seen on the frescoes of the ancient temples of Mesopotamia and Egypt. It is believed that they describe the ancient ritual dance on the fertility and the birth of a new life. Priestesses danced in the temples, through their dance appealed to the spirit of the Great Goddess. Some of the movements of oriental dances of those times could be preserved and modern belly dance. Among the Greek manuscripts can be found a description Nile dancers, who used his dances of various kinds shakes and vibration.

In the 80's of 19 century oriental dance, in those times called Salomea Dance, became widespread in Europe. In part this is owing to Mata Hari, who declared herself as the belly dancer (oriental dance).

At the heart of oriental dances are temperament and liberation. Arabic belly dance can be considered as a measure of woman's seductiveness. Having mastered this magnetic dance women feel their female charms. This dance helps a woman to develop femininity and sexuality; philosophy of dance is the love for oneself, self-expression, possession of body and soul. Oriental belly dance is not only a brilliant technique, but also feelings, musicality and artistry.

Until recently, historians were of the opinion that such activities were designed to make a woman more plastic, sexier and more attractive to men, so that in future she could claim to be the favorite wife of the harem and become very rich for the rest of her live.

Oriental dance as a way to improve health and increase vitality: a remedy for depression, a cure for a number of gynecological diseases (are known cases of infertility cures). In belly dance work virtually all muscle groups, in particular, those that are not involved in daily life.

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