Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arabic Gestures


The most common gesture of greeting - a handshake, followed by a mark of respect and attention, the Arabs press one's right hand to the heart. This is a very old and beautiful gesture, it runs quickly, lightly touching the chest with fingers. If relations are very warm and close, then after exchanging handshakes people embrace, pressing the cheeks to each other. From a distance, seeing his good friend, an Arab raises his hand, palm forward and greets him, waving the hand.

Expression of friendship

In order to express friendship, the Arabs escort their speech with a special gesture: both index fingers of both hands are pressed together with outer sides, the other fingers are clenched. Pressed index finger slightly rubbing against each other. With this gesture the Arab shows how a person is close to him. Index finger are brothers!


Arabs are not stingy with the praise, but as far as it is sincere, it's hard to judge. Very often the compliments said to the other party is an ancient oriental tradition. In any case, to hear a good word in one's address is always nice.

The next gesture is used to express admiration for the exterior of his companion, and often refers to women, although often addressed to men. Let's call it the "dimple": the right index finger makes a fast rotation in a clockwise direction on the right cheek in the place of the imaginary dimple - a finger, as it indicates the presence of dimples on the cheek of man, which is very loved by the Arabs. The gesture is accompanied by a number of replicas and compliments to the companion.

Asking again, misunderstanding

Gesture "the lamp" is used when the sides are at any distance from each other. The performance of the gesture is very similar to the process of twisting the lamps, but it is made quickly. Right hand is moving towards the partner and put together in such a way as if someone has a lamp in the hand. With questioning look on the face with the hand it is made a fast rotational-spin clockwise motion.

Annoyance, dissatisfaction

Gesture "click": the tip of the right thumb a little pressed to the tip of the middle finger, index finger at the same time is in the relaxed state. Make any sudden movements with the hand down, with the index finger with a force hits the middle finger. The effect of gesture is that when it is satisfied there is a loud click, even a clap, hand while should not be too tight, otherwise the clap will not work. The sharp movement of the hand can be performed once or several times, depending on the degree of dissatisfaction and frustration, in which the man-more movement, the more people dissatisfied.


Gesture "angle": the tips of thumb and forefinger of the right hand contact with each other, forming a ring, the other fingers are exposed forward. With the wrist of the hand, top to bottom and from left to right, draw in the air right angle, while the hand itself is at the chest level. The gesture is usually accompanied by satisfaction words.

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