Thursday, June 10, 2010

Arabic Etiquette: Making Acquaintance with the Arabs

When one becomes acquainted with the Arabs, just as with many other cultures, should be observed a certain ritual.

The man, regardless of age and position, always presents himself first to a woman.

Younger men or her position should be a senior: the boy appears the man, man - Sheikh, etc.

If acquainting people are equal in age and position, the blank should be submitted to a married man and an unmarried woman - to a married.

One man seems a group of people. The woman appears to couple the first.

Since the people who represent a new acquaintance, one must say Fursa Said, which is translated as "very nice to meet you" or "pleased to meet you." Literally, Fursa Said means "good luck".

When acquaintance or meeting agreed to exchange handshakes. The custom of shaking hands has a long history and deep meaning. And the fact that for a handshake should be directed to the right hand, is not accidental. After all, the right hand is almost always clutching a sword hilt. Offering it at a meeting, the person thus showing that he had good intentions.

When meeting a man hugging and touching each other, first one cheek, then another, while patting my back and shoulders. If men had not seen for a long time and they know close enough, then they usually greet each other three times a kiss on both cheeks, in each other's arms. In the West, it was generally accepted, when a meeting or even acquaintance, a man could kiss a woman on the cheek. From the perspective of the Arab and wider - Islamic, etiquette, such actions are totally unacceptable.

Arab women are confused when, for example, at various diplomatic receptions they begin a sign of respect and greetings to kiss hands outstretched for a handshake. The Egyptian diplomat, Mohamed Abdel Fattah Shabbana in his book "Talking to people and etiquette, the Board about an Arab woman does not reach out and confine nod. And at the same time ensure that in her hands has always been a handbag or scarf. It will be a sign for "near" the representatives of Western culture that give a hand to kiss it is not going.

Arabic etiquette and time

A part of our daily lives are negotiations. And this is especially important ability to maintain personal contacts with Arab partners. After all, for the Arabs is nothing more important to human communication. You can easily see this in everyday life, for example, when you visit any store. For the seller, Arabs bargaining process itself, and talk with the buyer is sometimes more important than the final result.

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