Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Arabic Superstitions

Ceramic turquoise amulets in the form of eyes or a palm, and other talismans designed to keep their owner from envy, misfortune, evil eye or a hex, you can see everywhere in Egypt: at the front door in Cairo apartment, rear-view mirror almost every car on the clothing of most young children.

So beware, lavishing the usual "Western" duty compliments. As "looking good" or "how quickly your children are grown up!" may look like an open challenge if you do not accompany them with salutary expression of the small Shaa-lla! - "The grace of God!".

The Egyptians, like many Arabs believe that particularly vulnerable to evil eye are young children. Therefore, asking about their health, you have every chance to hear the answer "sick", "bad eating", etc. things. In the Egyptian hinterland still dress young boys in girl's dress, and even pierce their earlobes for earrings - so it's easier to trick Satan.

Another way to protect children from the evil eye - to give the child any stupid name, for example, Shahhat - "beggar." It is believed that bad luck certainly lose interest in the media is so unattractive nicknames and pass over.

In the 19 century, a western orientalist said that Egyptian mother, even in affluent families decorate children in indelible cast-offs and recommend them to go grubby, in order to divert the eyes of envious. He had seen as a respectable, well dressed and scented Egyptian woman walks with her child, whose face was smeared with soot. It was a well-established method of concealment of children of Satan and evil men.

The Egyptians still believed that to show someone the soles of their shoes means a person to express utter contempt. So be careful in how you sit when talking with his Arab companion.

Shoes left in the hallway criss-cross each other, provoke conflict, mostly family. These will and superstition set. For example, you can not mow at night hair and nails (like bad luck there with us), cleaning the apartment, too, should be dealt with only in the afternoon. And in any case we can not touch the needle and thread after sunset.

As for the very evil eye, from which the Egyptian mother so cherish their children, then the Egyptians fear is bright blue eyes, not black as it is accepted here. Therefore, the amulet made in the form of "Fatima Eyes", is usually blue.

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