Monday, September 19, 2011

Dubai's World of Islands

Dubai's World of Islands - one of the megaprojects in the UAE, goes under water. The islands of the archipelago are modeled after a system of continents on a smaller scale and fragmented. The photographs can be clearly seen by NASA as 300 islands gradually merge with each other and drown.

Small undercurrents persist in keeping their areas, despite the artificial boundaries of the archipelago, and now everyone is wondering who and how all counted. At the moment, the project managers were forced to admit that the island is gradually receding into the sea. Given that 70% of all the islands have already been sold to private individuals, the news that the "islands show strong signs of erosion" was a bolt from the sky.

Will there be some compensation for all drowned island or debited to the "natural force majeure" as yet unknown.

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