Friday, December 23, 2011

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi - is a center of tourism and commerce, sport and recreation. The main landmark is the Palace of al-Husn, also known as the Old or White Fort. Next to the fairgrounds on Al Musaffah Road is the so-called Cultural Heritage Village, which played traditional way of life and way of life across the country.

Merging of past, present and future times is expressed in the peaceful coexistence of the mosques, museums, modern supermarkets, oriental markets, schools, cultural centers and arts. In Abu Dhabi, as in any Muslim city are built many mosques. From anywhere in town you can see the intricately decorated with multiple minarets.

The street Khalid Hamdan - is the focus of small shops and boutiques. Huge shopping centers, that are present in Sharjah and Dubai, are not so abundant in Abu Dhabi. The largest is Abu Dhabi Mall, and one of the most popular - Al Hana Shopping Centre, located in the center, not far from the main promenade.

The fish market - is a very picturesque place in the port area, worth a visit if not gastronomic goal, at least for photographing. The most popular restaurants of the city - Al Safina and Al Dhafra (near the fish market). Keep in mind that alcoholic beverages in Abu Dhabi are served at restaurants located within hotels. In normal urban schools reigns immutable "dry law".

In Abu Dhabi are offered a lot of interesting and varied tours: you will be offered a ride on a camel and fly in a helicopter, take a desert safari with a night under the stars and ride the sand skiing, to visit camel rides and take part in an exotic night-hunting for crabs, to shoot in the Sheikh's elite club and to fish in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

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