Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Roads and Subway in Dubai.

UAE - an ideal country with roads and very well-organized traffic.  The country has taken to comply with traffic rules. Failure to comply shall be punished by heavy fines. Enforcement is carried out with a huge number of CCTV cameras operating in automatic mode. Receipts for payment are subject to mandatory fines, and arrive in the mail the owner of the car. If you ride in a car, rent, fines will automatically be removed from your credit card, you pay for the hire company.
The speed limit on most highways - 120 km. per hour. Speed ​​limit in the country - 140 miles. per hour. Sometimes these signs are hanging together, which is a bit misleading.

Travel on some roads is paid. Place of collection of money is called "Salic". It looks like this place as a great arch over the roadway, passing under which your credit card is debited some amount, usually 10 dirhams.
The policeman on the road are exclusively engaged in design of road accidents, which happen very rarely. But for some reason, an accident leaves immediately for 2-3 cars police.
The main condition for payment of insurance for all car rental companies - fixing the event the police. No information may have to indemnify

Sheikh Zayed Road - the main highway of the country. Highway begins in the heart of Dubai and stretches through the capital Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates across the country to the border with Saudi Arabia. In the center of Dubai's Road consists of seven lanes in each direction. The speed limit in the heart of Dubai on this line - 80 km. per hour.

In the cities a lot of roundabouts. Much of the road network is on the racks. 

All the interchanges are made in a big way. The scale of some of them are simply amazing.

All intersections in urban areas are tiled. Everything was done very nicely and efficiently. 
Before the crossing is always tile for visually impaired people. The sidewalk is gently lowered to the same level with the carriageway.

All temporary information signs supplemented by flashing yellow lights to attract additional attention of drivers.


In particular the completed road traffic signs are used locations corresponding to the traffic situation.

UAE - the only place in the world, which uses air-conditioned bus stops. People at these stops can be seen very rarely. I guess everyone drives on the machines. Inside each bus stop is a map of the city and the scheme of bus routes.

Subway gives the impression of its purity and processability. To the landing site can be reached, as the stairs or escalator and elevator on the transparent.

Landing site looks like. Railroad tracks and the train are separated by a glass wall area with automatic doors that completely eliminates any accidents to passengers during boarding and disembarkation of the wagons.

Absolutely everywhere you can see a special tactile markings on the floor for the visually impaired pedestrians. Interiors look very futuristic and bright.

The train driver in missing You can stand and look at the road. Very nice, especially at night. The whole system of the Dubai Subway operates fully automatically. Dubai Subway is the largest automatic Subway  network in the world.

The network really is not very big. Only two branches. Subway mostly laid on trestles over the city. Only in a few places the subway passes under the earth. Building a subway overpasses are much cheaper than digging tunnels under it.

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