Friday, January 6, 2012

Skiing In The Desert

All the countries of the Emirates have great entertainments. Not a lot of territory is covered by desert, mountains, modernised cities and two seas that practically are not similar to each other.

Emirates have a lot of fun to offer. You had to go to the desert on a snowboard or ski? This activity is extreme and unusual. Some slopes have a height of more than two hundred meters. To climp at the top of the slopes are used the jeeps.

If you do not want to ski on the sand, you will find a lot of snow in this country. In the terribly hot day for visitors of the country there is snow and even snow slides stadiums, ice rinks where you can ride on a sled or skate skiing. The most famous owner of this miracle is the district stadium, which is the first in the country with the modern technologies.

The most fun occupation is fishing in the Persian Gulf. In these countries the hard times associated with the fish does not happen. In the sea live tuna, barracuda, sailfish, fish, small sharks. Local cooks very tasty and skilfully prepare them for you. It is possible to catch a fish weighing 60 pounds! Just in conducting a walk on the boat, it can be well connected with catching crabs at night. Knowledgeable guide will teach you the old way of hunting for crabs with light and weapons. After the end of hunting you would expect a rich table, made from your prey.

In these countries there are incredible water-parks. They perform some shows and attractions, and show a movie on the water surface. There are hills on which it is possible to accelerate to speeds of 80 km / h, there are slides with a water upflow they differ in that their movement is directed upwards.

And of course only in the UAE is an amazing safari: entertainment in the form of races over the red sand, there are a large number of camels.

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