Friday, February 19, 2010

The first Christian church in the world...

Jordanian archaeologists have discovered a church that can be considered the first Christian church in the world. The discovery was made in the village of Rihab, which is located 40 kilometers northeast of the Jordanian capital Amman.

The finding dating from 33 to 70 year AD, is located under the church of St. George in Rihab. In the cave, found under the temple, there is a circular apse, and several stone seats for clergy.

According to archaeologists, the early Christians fled from Jerusalem, where were persecuted and secretly practiced their rites in this underground church. Ministry of Tourism of Jordan has promised that this unique monument can be visited by the tourists.

It should be noted that Jordan and the opening in Rihab was a country on the territory of which were placed first among the extant Christian churches. In particular, in the town of Mafraq in the east is a church built in 230 year - 82 years earlier than the temple in Turkey, which has long been considered the oldest. In addition, in Aqaba were discovered during excavations in the ruins of the ancient church, which also date from the third century.

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