Friday, February 19, 2010

Medical Tourism in the Middle East

Middle East has all opportunities for the development of medical tourism

Given the rising price of medical care in Europe, America and Asia, the Middle East promises to become a popular destination for travelers wishing to combine rest with treatment. However, according to experts, in order to get the appropriate reputation, the authorities in the region must first improve the environment.

Middle East -is a nominally-named region of West Asia, situated between Europe and Pakistan, usually it is the combination of the Middle East with Iran and Afghanistan. The number of medical centers in the Middle East is constantly increasing, they are known for quality service, good equipment and relatively low prices. The main competitor of Arab clinics at the moment are Asian: tourists prefer to be treated in exotic locations. However, the peculiarity of Eastern culture can not fail to attract new guests. Authorities of the region intend to increase investment in health and medical tourism in particular.

In its turn, the recent publication Nuwire Investors, specializing in information on investments, totaled rating states - leaders of the international medical tourism. First place was awarded to Panama, followed by Brazil, Malaysia, Costa Rica and India.

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