Friday, May 7, 2010

Arabic (Eastern) cuisine

Oriental cuisines Arab countries have many common features, for example - the use of common products, such as lamb, goat, veal, chicken, beans, rice and fresh vegetables, as well as ways of cooking.

In eastern cuisine, unlike Chinese, which is often used pork, Arabs do not eat pork. A dish of fish and milk products occupy in the Arab cuisine quite important. Another feature of Arab cuisine is the use of olive oil, as well as widespread use of various herbs and spices.

For Arab cuisine is typical of the special processing of meat without any fat, when the temperature of the pan is brought to 300 °, and meat coming into contact with its hot surface, coagulates and forms a crust that keeps the product of meat juice. With this method of meat dish is particularly tender and juicy. The other major way - first the meat is roasted on a hot, dry pan, then fried in a pan with oil. As a garnish Arabs often served fried or steamed vegetables, or steamed rice.

Most soups Arab cuisine prepared in a meat broth. The most popular among the Arabs of soups with beans and rice, peas and noodles, peas and potatoes, green beans, etc.

From Second dishes - meat stew and fried, chicken stewed in tomato sauce with vegetables, pilaf. A common meal in many Eastern nations is wheat or corn gruel. In Saudi Arabia, it is usually poured sour milk. Sometimes it is spread in the form of a pyramid and filled with fat and covered in small pieces of meat. Is popular as cereal flour, mix with olive oil and cayenne pepper.

A significant part of the diet of Arab cuisine occupy all kinds of fruits, especially figs, which are no less important than the grains. Most of them make the paste, which can store all year round.

The traditional drink of Oriental cuisine - coffee. The process of cooking and drinking is a complicated procedure, first roasted corn, stirring them to a small metal rod. Grain coffee is ground in a mortar with a special observance of a certain rhythm. Cook coffee in a copper and brass vessels of three sizes, similar to the kettles. Typically, coffee drink without sugar, but with the addition of spices - cloves and cardamom. In Egypt, for example, there are three "types" of coffee - "Garden", "Ziyad" and "masbuta" - empty, that is, no sugar, very sweet and average.

Another popular beverage in Egypt - "muses bi al-lyaban" - a milkshake with grinded bananas, which is very easy to prepare at home, especially if the mixer. As they say the Egyptians, it is easy, but at the same time very rich.

It is interesting to note that the "Alexandria" kitchen quite significantly different from the "Cairo" cuisine, fish dishes and condiments that are served in Alexandria, in fact no different from the Cypriot cuisine. For example, Egyptians, Cypriots are convinced that the "hummus" - paste condiment of yellow peas, with sesame sauce tehina and olive oil - it is their traditional dish.

In Syria and Lebanon, representatives of the traditional eastern cuisine are meat dishes such as "KUBBA" - fried or boiled balls of meat, fish, various spices, lamb roasted on a spit, vegetables stuffed with meat, yahni - hotpot. The most common of dairy products - lyaban Hamid - fermented boiled milk. From it is prepared cheese, dry cheese, soft drink huneyna.

My favorite national dish of Iraqis are pilaf with lamb and rice, which usually add raisins, figs and almonds, "yahni" - a dish with relish reminiscent of stew, wheat bread, mixed with the sour milk, sweet food: candy, candied fruit. Among drinks available black coffee, which almost always drink without sugar, but with the addition of saffron and nutmeg, tea, diluted with water, sour milk.

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